Follow the Hawkwatch on Dunkadoo & HawkCount


The spring migration season is underway and we are counting raptors every day through the end of May.  This year we are excited to be implementing a new app to allow our followers to see what’s being counted at the watch in near real time.  It’s like having a window looking out on the flight at Braddock Bay no matter where you are!

It’s easy to follow the count as we are now one of the new sites using Dunkadoo.  You can explore several other sites around the continent and beyond while you’re there.  To go directly to the BBRR hawk counts use our public page link:

If you are used to checking out our daily reports on, you can still do that as the data that is entered into Dunkadoo in the field gets uploaded directly to our profile on HawkCount.  HawkCount is a great way to compare what other sites near and far are seeing, too.

Hope to see you at the platform this spring!  Enjoy the migration where ever you are!