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August 2020 Banding Results

Written by Daena Ford 2020 would mark year 32 of natal dispersal raptor banding for BBRR.  This time of year is affectionately known amongst the BBRR crew as “August Red-tail Season” because it primarily takes place during the month of August, and the main raptor that...

Hawk Days of Summer 2020 Schedule

BBRR’s Hawk Days of Summer event will introduce you to the world of raptors and the wonders of the Braddock Bay landscape. Raptor fans can choose to visit us for programming in person at Braddock Bay Park, or virtually through the internet, and get a glimpse into the fascinating lives of birds of prey and the passionate people who study them.

Volunteer Opportunity: Summer Raptor Count

For all you hawk watchers out there missing spring migration...BBRR is looking for volunteers to assist with our 2020 Summer Raptor Count.  This count began in the summer of 2019, to document the natal dispersal flight of raptors which occurs at Braddock Bay primarily...

Sharp-shinned Hawk Coloring Sheet

Share your Sharpies with BBRR! The Sharp-shinned Hawk is a fascinating little forest raptor, who often visits backyard bird feeders for a song bird meal.  The "Sharpie" is our featured species this spring, and we have made available a coloring sheet for kids (and kids...
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