BBRR’s Mission:

  • To conduct research projects on birds of prey, other wildlife and the environment.

  • To educate the public about birds of prey, other wildlife and the environment.

  • To contribute to consideration of public policy on birds of prey, other wildlife and the environment..

  • To maintain the natural character of Braddock Bay, Lake Ontario, New York for public benefit.

Northern Saw Whet Owl
Broad-winged Hawk Soaring
Sharp-shinned Hawk Banding

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BBRR is now enrolled in the PayPal Giving Fund.  Through this, 100% of your donation will go to Braddock Bay Raptor Research as the Giving Fund partners cover the overhead costs associated with handling the transactions.

Bird of Prey Days 2022

Download Full Schedule (PDF)2022 Bird of Prey DaysBraddock Bay is home to one of the most spectacular spring raptor migrations in the country!  Join Braddock Bay Raptor Research in this annual event to learn about hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and others, and support...

2022 Raptor Education Course Offered

BBRR is excited to present the 2022 Raptor Education Course to begin in February.  If you would like to get involved with BBRR as a volunteer, or if you simply have a great interest in raptors and want to learn more about them, this course is for you!  The classes...

2021 Bird of Prey Week Schedule

Our annual event is just around the corner, returning this year from April 26 to May 2. We’ve expanded back to a full week’s worth of programs building off our virtual events held in August 2020. We’re very excited to be able to offer live programming again this year as well!

August 2020 Banding Results

Written by Daena Ford 2020 would mark year 32 of natal dispersal raptor banding for BBRR.  This time of year is affectionately known amongst the BBRR crew as “August Red-tail Season” because it primarily takes place during the month of August, and the main raptor that...
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