Braddock Bay is a bird migration “hot spot” located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario just northwest of Rochester, New York. Millions of birds migrate through the area every spring as they head north to their breeding grounds.

Braddock Bay Raptor Research (BBRR) is a 501(c)-3 non profit, volunteer based organization.  Founded in 1986, BBRR has been continuously working towards preserving the area’s natural resources by focusing research and education activities on the spectacular spring raptor migration, and summer natal dispersal. Research at Braddock Bay focuses on a range of topics important to conservation efforts, including the daily and seasonal distribution of raptors according to species, age and sex, and the behavior of raptors in migration. Educational programs are offered throughout the year and aim to expose people to the wonderful world of raptors through field experiences as well as off site visits.

BBRR’s Mission:

  • To conduct research projects on birds of prey, other wildlife and the environment.
  • To educate the public about birds of prey, other wildlife and the environment.
  • To contribute to consideration of public policy on birds of prey, other wildlife and the environment..
  • To maintain the natural character of Braddock Bay, Lake Ontario, New York for public benefit.