Share your Sharpies with BBRR!

The Sharp-shinned Hawk is a fascinating little forest raptor, who often visits backyard bird feeders for a song bird meal.  The “Sharpie” is our featured species this spring, and we have made available a coloring sheet for kids (and kids at heart) thanks to the artwork of Emily Ford.  Download the coloring sheet by clicking the image on the right, and when you’ve completed your masterpiece BBRR would love to display a photo of it on our website and social media.  To submit, send in an email to, or post to our Facebook page 

It’s the perfect time of year to submit these colorings as we are nearing “Sharpie Madness” time when their peak of migration hits in late April.  We look forward to seeing you share your creativity!

Sharp-shinned Hawk Coloring Sheet