Chasing Broadwings from Pennsylvania to Peru: Broad-winged Hawk Migration Ecology

From 2014 through 2020 Hawk Mountain has tracked 16 Broad-winged Hawks during nesting, migration, and wintering periods using satellite tracking.  Because Broad-winged Hawks have declined in some parts of their range, the study is focused on understanding basic biology as well as possible conservation threats. In this talk we will share the overall findings on broad-winged hawk migration ecology, habitat use, and possible conservation threats.  We will share basic biology such as length of migration, departure dates, migration speed and compare patterns in adults and young birds.  We also will discuss the 2021 plans to tag hawks nesting in northeastern states to compare migration patterns among populations.

Presenter:  Laurie J. Goodrich is the Director of Conservation Science at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Orwigsburg, PA.  She serves on the HMANA Board of Directors and as a Fellow in the American Ornithological Society.  Her favorite place to be is watching hawks at Hawk Mountain’s North Lookout.

Registration is required to participate in this event. Cost is $5/person.  This event will be presented via Zoom.  Only those registered will receive the Zoom information, and a recording of the presentation.  All proceeds support the programs of Braddock Bay Raptor Research.



Apr 30 2021


7:00 pm
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