Braddock Bay is a migration “hot spot”, located on Lake Ontario just west of Rochester, New York. Millions of birds migrate through the area every spring as they head north to their breeding grounds. The hawk counts conducted at Braddock Bay number in the thousands with the highest recorded count of 140,000 raptors in 1996.

Braddock Bay Raptor Research (BBRR) has been in existence since 1986 working towards preserving the areas natural resources by focusing research and educational activities on the spectacular raptor migration.

The spring hawk count is conducted from March through May.  Raptor banding operations are conducted at this time, as well as during the month of August.  Owl Banding operations are also conducted late March through early May.  We currently allow the public to visit one of our hawk banding stations to see the exciting process of capturing and tagging these magnificent birds.  If you would like to visit this banding station click here for directions.

Download the BBRR brochure here.

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